SocialYell > About SocialYell is a community that enables you to discover, discuss and share socially responsible and sustainable companies.

Who should use  You - even if you don't consider yourself socially responsible.  Social responsibility is about things YOU care about even if you aren’t “green”.  
Socially responsible and sustainable companies are for people concerned about their family’s health, people who want local jobs, people who believe companies should be fair, people who like the outdoors or any other person who wants to see the world become a better place.

Use to make decisions easier.  Use it to make decisions about the things you do and buy daily.  Combining SocialYell’s community conversations and ratings with news, rankings and information from around the web tells the whole story about the good or bad that companies do.  This enables consumers and stakeholders to make the best decisions for themselves, the environment and our society.  Decisions like:
  • What products and services are safe and healthy long-term?
  • Which companies do I trust look out for my values?
  • Where do I want to work?
  • Which brands will I buy because their ethics reflect well on me?
  • Which companies and products will I share with my friends and family?

We believe that companies need to be part of the conversation so that they can act, learn and improve.  So, we help make corporate responsibility a transparent conversation so that both consumers and also businesses can make sustainable decisions.

We want this About Us page to help SocialYell members understand and use the site to its fullest potential. If you have feedback on what we should and should not be communicating, let us know

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